Accountant Records

The Tantum Trust Annual Reports

The Charity raises money through its four Charity shops sited in Bordon, Liphook, Haslemere and Grayshott and from occasional generous donations received from benefactors, we then distribute the profits to people in need in North East Hampshire and South West Surrey.


The distribution is made by way of grants to local individuals or groups who have been referred to the Charity and endorsed by professional organisations. We also give grants to local organisations and charities.


As well as making their profit available for the local community the shops also provide affordable clothes, toys and household items. The Charity thus fulfills not one but two essential roles for the local community.

Annual Report 2021

"Following the adoption of the new charity name, each shop received a new fascia sign and was redecorated. New stationery and new posters and flyers were produced to publicise our work and the website was redesigned to reflect the new logos and colour schemes. These changes were favourably received by our staff, volunteers and most importantly by our customers.

To both our paid staff and our volunteers we say ‘Thank you’ for all their hard work and dedication to our goal of assisting so many people and organisations when they have nowhere else to go."

Annual Report 2020

"The difficult trading conditions felt in previous years continued and with more competition from other charities, our shop income and profits were down. In Haslemere, Bordon and Liphook several adjacent retailers closed resulting in reduced footfall in the area. In Haslemere, Lower Street was closed for six weeks and traffic was disrupted and this caused even less footfall.

The already difficult situation was exacerbated in March 2020 when the shops were closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. In reality therefore the annual figures are for eleven months and, taking into account all the other external problems, the results given below are in fact quite an achievement for our staff and volunteers.


Total shop sales were £210,431 which include £10,241 of Gift Aid. In addition we received grants and donations of £14,531 and overall we generated a surplus of £28,329."

Annual Report 2019

"This year (April 2018- March 2019) the income from our shops increased from the previous year despite the continuing difficult retail trading conditions in the country given current uncertainties. All credit to our managers who with their loyal volunteers enabled us to achieve in excess of £257,000 takings in our shops."