About The Tantum Trust

The Tantum Trust was previously known as Bordon, Liphook Haslemere Charity, and over nearly 30 years we have given back over £1.25 million to the local community in the form of grants to families, individuals and community groups.

Our Trustees & Management

The Trustees of the Charity meet monthly to determine the grants, whilst the Charity Manager can quickly deal with smaller or more pressing needs.

The current trustees are Jeremy Bonnett (Chairman), Margaret Lawden, Vince Prior, Jennie Vernon-Smith, Jean Barnard, Malcolm Carter and Malcolm Traviss. They meet monthly to review grants and to oversee the management of the Charity. The trustees are volunteers who receive no remuneration.

The Charity Manager is Sue Nicholson, who is responsible for the day to day management of the business together with Karen McMullen, book keeper.

The Charity and shops now employ 9 staff.

How we raise our money

The money distributed by the Charity is raised from four charity shops - in Bordon, Liphook, Haslemere and Grayshott. The shops sell donated goods, the profits from which provide funds for the Charity to distribute back to the local community.

Our History

In 1992 the Bordon Charity was set up by local businessman Carl Tantum to give financial support to the needy in the Bordon area. Starting in a waiting room of a local charity with no paid staff, it raised over £12,000 in three years justifying a move to retail premises within a shopping centre in Bordon.


Inevitably with the move, costs increased but within a further three years profits had risen to £15,000 then to £20,000 and upwards ever since. 

In those days competition in the sector was much less; nationally in 1992 there were only 50% of the charity shops there are now.

The success of the Bordon shop led the trustees to look at other local communities with similar needs and potential. In 1999 the Liphook shop was opened to be followed in 2011 by the Haslemere shop. Finally in 2016 Grayshott was identified as another likely area for our operation and, after a slow start, our Grayshott shop is more than justifying the decision.

The opening of new shops led to a change of name; in 2012 the charity became the Bordon, Liphook and Haslemere Charity and in 2020 it was decided to de-link the name and image of the organisation from any specific area and, at the same time, to honour our founder. So The Tantum Trust came into being. However the name change does not mean that the area of operation will change. The intention is for the charity to carry on serving the local communities in North East Hampshire and South West Surrey as it has done for very nearly thirty years.

Since its inception the charity has distributed more than £1,250,000 to individuals, families and organisations in need of financial support.

Some examples of the support given in recent years show the broad range of need and how the charity’s broad remit enables it to meet those needs in a timely manner. The examples below are based on actual cases of assistance which has been given in the recent past.